August Graduates – SEO Certification Course

Updated on: 1 September 2014

Congrats to our August SEO Graduates!
Their website are ready to rank on page 1 of Google search results.

Everyone is so proud of their SEO certification
Everyone is so proud of their SEO certification

Here are their testimonials after attending our SEO Certification Course.

“I google “SEO Singapore” and the 1st result was Impossible Marketing…. I decided to sign up for this course….. Alan is sincere and patient with his students and willing to share all his tricks and techniques.”
– Joey, stock broker

“Course is interesting, intensive and worth going….. learn from the basic foundation to in depth details of SEO.” 
– Cindy, student

“What Alan teach is really from A to Z…… how to bring our website to the number 1 ranking…. this is a very very good course and I definitely recommend to my friends.” 
– Zachary, property agent

“Course is very intensive but very good….. Alan is a very good trainer and he will teach you whatever he knows. I recommend this course.”
– Lynne, online store owner

“After the 3 days course, I understand everything about SEO. Alan make it very simple for us (all students) to build a website and bring it to the top of Google….. I recommend this course.”
– Jeffery, business owner

“On a whole, it is quite easy to understand….. they break down the definitions and also how the whole SEO system works….. Thank you.”
– Yanti, keen to start an online business

“Course is very fruitful. Alan is really very helpful and very engaging.”
– Azman, keen to start an online business

“I find this course very useful. I recommend this course.” 
– Raymond, swimming coach

“This course have a very good structure and outline of all the SEO information.” 
– Rachie, e-commerce owner

“Course is very interesting with many relevant SEO techniques.” 
– Stephanie, travel agency partner

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