August 2016 SEO course graduate students

Updated on: 9 September 2016

Our August 2016 SEO certification course graduate students. They are so ready to rank their websites on the 1st page of Google search results.


See below for their video testimonial after learning our SEO strategy.

“I find the course a very comprehensive training. I have attended one before and I find it very brief like a ‘touch-and-go’ sort. But Alan’s class is like WOW! You can see everything is so neat. I recommend it to whoever is interested in this course. Just go for it. It’s great!”
– Khim

“I attended the 2-day course and I find it enriching and I have learnt so much jargon but he (Alan) has made it so simple. I’ve understood every single part of it. Every question that I had, he answered it with full of confidence. Now I am prepared and definitely ready to come out with my own website and to make it Number #1”
– JJ

“Before I came to this course, I do not know anything about SEO. This course is good. Alan has a lot of knowledge in SEO and he is an expert in this field. I do learn a lot and now I really cannot wait to test out the result.”
– Davis

“I enjoyed Alan’s SEO class because I’ve had many SEO websites failures even though I did digital marketing. I could not drive traffic because I could not understand how to build the website using SEO. After attending the course, I feel that I’m ahead of many people. I’m very happy and I’m looking forward to building my websites!
– Marilyn

“I just attended the SEO training course with Alan. I find it very informative and content is very well organized throughout the 2 days. Alan is very patient in answering all the questions and it is very clear as well. He doesn’t beat around the bush. I’m looking forward to building up my website.”
– Herald

“Overall, I would say that the course is very informative. Alan is really patient and he takes in a lot of questions. I quite of a computer idiot and it comes to the building of the websites, the information given was really fantastic!”
– Shahira

It’s really a good course and I learnt a lot of things. I had zero knowledge on SEO. I hope to build my website up and hopefully in 2 months’ time, it can be in the number 1! ”
– Chin Liou

“I attended the course and I find the course very useful and interesting. I have learnt a lot more about SEO.
– Soon Eng

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