Are all comments with links consider spam?

Updated on: 11 December 2014

Websites can be interactive. In order to encourage 2 ways communication, web masters often have the comments function allowing visitors to interact or comment on their posts.

However, there are cases when comments in their site are integrated with links. These links are oftentimes loaded with irrelevant information or may lead to other questionable links and sites. Does these links affect SEO?

Video Question

According Webmaster Guidelines by Google, forum signature links are highly discouraged. What about comments links? Link building through page comments are widely used today. Are all comments with links considered spam based on Google Webmaster Guidelines? What about topically relevant links making the comment more meaningful?

Video Highlights

  • Google experts pointed out that leaving “topically-relevant” links and “topically-relevant” comments in web pages is perfectly fine and happens all the time. For instance, users could leave links pointing out to a blog or site which could bring more clarity or correct certain errors they find in web page content.
  • Google encourages users who leave comments with links to also provide their names and information in order to avoid suspicion, chillier reception or any questionable implication that their links are indeed spam.
  • Focus on only comment link building according to Google experts may easily fall into the link scheme category. For instance, if your primary goal is to leave your links all over the web through page comments and no real people are linking to you despite your huge linking portfolio it can categorized as link scheme.
  • Google reserves the right to do something and deal with link schemes which they deem would significantly affect search result ranking.

In order to enhance your Internet Marketing campaign, you should:

  • Remember that it is perfectly fine to leave useful comments on webpages. However, make sure you are not doing link building through comments in order to boost your link portfolio and disseminate more links pointing to your site.
  • Leave your identification details with your. In most cases, leaving your name would clear the air and avoid any suspicions of spammy activities in connection with the link you provided. Links that may lead users to a blog or informative and rich content pages are recommended.
  • Do not focus purely on comment links only. Focus on link variety. You can view this article where we recommend some effective ways to build links.

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