Answering Quora questions to drive traffic to your website

Updated on: 13 September 2016


One of the emerging platforms for driving traffic is using Quora. As opposed to direct browsing, more people prefer asking direct questions and following answers. Over time, Quora has gained credibility and even surpassed Yahoo Answers. Quora traffic can help with your online marketing campaign. So the question is – how can you drive traffic using Quora?

Establish your areas of strength

The best Quora answers come from experts/ authority in your industry. It is, therefore, critical that you are that source of authority that followers can rely on. Review personal strength as well as resources to ensure that you have the know-how and skills to generate the best answers. The best area of strength should be your business niche, hobby, or personal history. Even in that area of strength, try to narrow down to cover fewer areas.

Identify questions in your areas of strength

Take your time looking for Quora questions that present the best opportunities. At this point, look at Quora from the viewpoint of content generation and not simply answering a question. Remember that Quora allows you to give part of the answer and direct people to your site for more information. This will drive a lot of traffic. Bear in mind that the question you select should be related to your industry, site, brand and posts.

Follow questions with a lot of views

The questions that will help you get higher traffic are those that drive a lot of interest. The idea is selecting recent and highly relevant questions about more than 5000 views. An old question might be irrelevant and incapable of generating significant traffic. Then, start working on appropriate answers, focusing on giving more details and longer explanations that are better than what was given by others. With time, you are going to be voted the best.

Answer every question with additional details, data, images, and links

When visitors go to Quora, they are interested in getting very detailed answers. Therefore, provide as much info as possible. If the question is theoretically based, give theoretically conclusive answers. For most questions, followers want to see answers that are supported by images and data. Every time that you add data, the answer becomes more authoritative. For example, if answering a question on training room rental, using data to point at the problem will make you an authority and visitors will follow your page to source for more information like rental rates, room location, and others related information.

An image in your answer helps to make it outstanding. If your business deals with optical problems and you are answering a question on Cataracts, images will make your answer more outstanding. In addition to images and data, it is important to add a link that can help justify the answer you are giving. Always remember to make the link look normal and not too promotional.

Provide answers as a person and regularly analyze traffic

Every time you craft an answer, let the audience get the personal conversation tone as opposed to answering as a brand. This makes the audience associate with you, follow you on your website, and convert into leads. Always include your name and if possible include it as a link so that audience can follow you. Remember to analyze regularly traffic coming from Quora to understand whether you are getting the anticipated clicks. You can set up tracking funnels or link Quora with Google Analytics for more comprehensive analytics.

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