Andy’s website is now on page 1 number 2 of Google search results

Updated on: 16 November 2014

Another student of Impossible Marketing achieving top SEO rankings!!

Andy, a full time property agent, attended our SEO training 1 month ago. He use his newly acquired skills to target a property niche and build a website. In about 4-5 weeks time, his website rose to page 1 number 2 of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). During his 1st review session, he told us he got 6 quality leads from the website and is pending to close them.

The best part: Through SEO, leads are free, unlimited and highly targeted.

Well done Andy!!!

Andy’s testimonial:

“Last month i been to Alan’s course and I created a website. This month I got my website to Google 1st page number 2 ranking and I already got a few leads.”
– Andy, property agent

Let recap on Andy’s 1st video testimonial after attending our SEO certification course.

“Previously I been to a few other marketing courses which doesn’t really help. This course is quite in-depth and useful. I recommend this course.”
– Andy, 1st testimonial after attending our SEO certification course

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