Andrew’s website is now ranked on Page 1 number 1 of Google search

Updated on: 2 December 2015
Photo of Andrew taking testimonial
Photo of Andrew taking testimonial

Andrew works for a huge car accessories company and he is in charge of their online marketing campaigns. Despite being well known in the car business, his company website was nowhere to be found in Google. He decided to join our SEO course to learn more about SEO.

1 month after applying what was taught in the course, his company website is now ranked page 1 number 1 of Google search. Let’s hear what he says about our training.

“Today is my 4th week since I graduated from my course. Before attending the course, my website was nowhere to be found. 4 weeks later, I am on the 1st page, top listing. It will fluctuate between the 1st 3 listings. To be the best, you must learn from the best.”
– Andrew, marketing executive

Let’s recap what Andrew said after our training (1 month ago).

“For anyone who wants to know more about search engine optimization, I strongly recommend this course. It allows you to see the overall of SEO and how it works. 2 thumbs up.” 
– Andrew, 1st testimonial after attending our training.

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