5 ways Google Analytics will help your website and marketing campaigns succeed

Updated on: 9 January 2017


Google Analytics helps site owners and marketers analyze traffic to get a holistic picture of the audience as well as their needs. Google analytics further makes it possible to follow devices as well as people who visited your page. As an online marketer, Google Analytics should be your most important tool because it helps establish the effectiveness of every effort in selling products, services, conversions, and success of a website. Indeed, Google Analytics do more than these because you can use it to map better marketing strategies and improve on security.

The following are top 5 things you can do with Google Analytics

Analyze the site effectively

Once you have substantial data on your traffic, it allows you to make reasoned decisions and grow business within a very short time. Though some people rely on page views to tell the healthiness of a site, it is inadequate to outline what is driving traffic.

Google Analytics Acquisition reports allowing users to follow carefully and segment traffic coming to your page into simpler groups for more analysis. The traffic can be categorized into groups including;

  • Organic search
  • Direct traffic
  • Email
  • Social referral
  • Others

In every category, you can go deeper by exploring the source, traffic medium, and particular marketing campaigns related to the traffic. If more traffic is coming from social media, you may decide to focus more efforts there or explore what is missing in other marketing efforts.

Converting data into actionable info for business

If you lack appropriate analytic software, turning data into actionable info can be very difficult. However, Google Analytics allows you to answer the following questions, get answers, and take the right action.

  • How did site visitors find my website?
  • How did they navigate after landing into my site?
  • What product pages did visitors review?
  • How did the previous marketing campaign influence the visitors?

Using Google Analytics Custom Valuables, you will be able to segment traffic and start answering all the questions above. After identifying sources that are driving more sales, you can use it as an insight into other marketing efforts. It is even possible to set key goals and test how they are achieved when visitors click, use specific devices, or convert into your site.

Follow marketing campaigns on various platforms to gauge ROI

Google Analytics allow you to tag URLs to follow channels for every campaign you start. This way, it is easy to tell what marketing campaigns were more effective in driving traffic and conversions. Depending on marketing data at any time, you can adjust the budget to allocate more resources to strategies with better prospects for ROI (return on investment).

Understanding user behavior in your site

Google Analytics Behavior Reports allow you to understand traffic demographics, geographics, interest groups, original sources and mediums, time spent on site, shopping behavior, and what was clicked. By knowing about visitor behavior, you can customize your landing page and reframe the message among other things to enhance user experience. If this info is missing, you can only guess what to do.

Additional – Integrate Google Analytics with other tools

To manage your site and marketing more effectively, Google Analytics allows you to integrate with other tools. These allow you to track the website or marketing campaigns performance in more platforms. You can integrate it with E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce, AdWords, and Optimizely among other tools. These additional tools make it possible to understand your efforts, customer behavior, and other trends to redefine online marketing for better results.

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