4 things that are limiting your website success

Updated on: 12 December 2016


There are so many data available online and many website owners are finding it difficult to pick on relevant and highly relevant info. More experts and professionals have also emerged such that you can get advice on anything with just a click. Because of this, many people have indicated that their brand websites rarely deliver the results they want or underperform in every online marketing campaign they undertake. The followings are 4 main reasons why your websites might be underperforming and solutions to address the issues.

Not being mobile optimized

Today, more people prefer to browse, shop, and join communities on social media via mobile phones and tablets. This trend is expected to grow even further. Therefore, not making your website mobile optimized will be a very great undoing because you will miss a very important market segment.

Because search engines are favoring mobile optimized sites to enhance the user experience, you should look for a developer to work on a mobile-friendly version of your site. This will make it easier for your customers to visit your website. Remember to test the website’s usability to ensure that users can access all the content on the site.

Overload of information on your site

While making your website content rich with videos, texts, images and infographics, it can easily overwhelm your new visitors. Even people who are not new to your site can equally get confused. Therefore, how do you address this at a time when people simply want more?

The content you create should be geared towards delivering value so that the user finds it easy to take an action. For example, a post on weight management should properly guide clients to using a specific product, fitness activity, or buy an item. Besides, the content should be provided in a logical way. Put yourself in the position of customers and ask yourself whether what is presented is what they are looking for.

No “Call To Action” button

When you create a business website, the main target should be encouraging your clients to buy what you are selling or make a profitable action. This is done through a call to action. If the site lacks a call to action button on your website, visitors will read and get stranded on what to do. Whether it is a post, review, description, or infographics, make sure to include a call to action such as sign up, click here to get a discount, join the mailing list, or buy here among others.

Not using other platforms to strengthen your brand

For your brand site to be strong and highly effective, you cannot simply relax and wait for clients. It is important to take the campaign to other platforms especially social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. You should also use affiliate marketers and great landing pages with proper backlinks to your website for higher traffic and conversion. This will make your brand known, grow the user base, and make you an authority in the industry.

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