4 most important tips to drive more traffic to your Blog

Updated on: 28 May 2017

Blog posts have become the most trusted sources of information. Unlike other posts, most bloggers are experts and are often well-known talented icons in their industry. Because of this, what they pen down reverberates with authority and trust. However, new bloggers often struggle in their online marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their blog.

In this article, we will be highlighting 4 tips to drive more traffic to your blog:

Use diversity in driving your message

While plain texts can be used to convey the message to followers, you will get higher quality traffic by diversifying the approach. Include statistics and graphs from authoritative sources, podcasts, and even images. Besides, you can add a marketing video explaining the products and services you are talking about for followers to get all the points. Readers will easily get the message, engage you, and refer their friends to grow traffic and trust in the industry.

Great and regular content

If you are a company blogger, your followers should never come and get redundant content. You must post new content progressively to engage both current and new clients. One way of doing this is looking at the service from its application point of view. If your company is selling a new Protein Replacement Shake, you can post content demystifying the ingredients, comparing it with others, and comprehensively review its impacts on health and productivity. Followers also love updated content. For a company blog, a post every 2-3 day is ideal.

Focus on writing content that solves followers issues

Before you start working on any post, you need to ask yourself how valuable the content is to the industry. Many people coming to your post want to get workable solutions to issues that face them. For example, a blogger in the fitness & health niche might need to look at issues facing the target audience and give solutions. Think of reviewing workable solutions for overweight, useful recipes, and simplifying expert recommendations. To know about the issues that affect your industry, take time reading other related posts, engage with followers, and be active on social media.

Connect with followers on various platforms

The essence of a blog is giving highly valuable content and helping followers resolve issues in specific areas of interest. Because of the many social media platforms, your posts will easily be carried there and even pitch discussions. While this is great because your blog is being marketed, it is important to note such discussions and join. For example, a discussion about a new Waist-Training undergarment could attract a lot of interest including top celebrities. Here, you must be factual, present facts, and make everybody your friend.

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