4 Facebook Giveaway Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement

Updated on: 4 August 2020

4 Facebook Giveaway Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement

Do you aspire to attain more organic visibility in the Facebook feed? If yes, then you must be wondering what type of posts and content can generate more engagement, especially if you’re hosting a giveaway.

What’s so important about Facebook engagement?

For successful Facebook marketing, the ability to generate engagement from your audience is essential. But how can engagement benefit you? Well, if a post can resonate deeply with the audience, it can encourage them to respond – be it in the form of a comment, like or share.

Ultimately, what lies at the heart of any type of social media marketing in Singapore and around the globe is regular moments of impact and emotional involvement from their target audience.

Additionally, it’s in our innate nature to be inquisitive. And this curious nature can be triggered upon seeing reactions and comments, which can therefore, lead to increased attention and impact.

In the case of many businesses, having the targeted audience share their content can lead to a greater outreach. The sharing itself is also an act of endorsement or social proof to the post.

And since 2018, Facebook has made a big change to the news feed algorithm, by prioritising posts that people are more likely to engage with. So, if you want your giveaway post to rank in the news feed, you’ll then need to create a giveaway that attracts plenty of comments and encourages sharing and discussions. With that, here are some ideas for your next giveaway!

Contest Idea #1: Let us know how you intend to use [product] to win

Feature a product you offer and prompt followers by asking them how they aim to use it if they were to win the giveaway. Encourage them to tap on their creative side, by coming up with a refreshing, fun, exciting or unusual idea! You can get the ball rolling by providing some icebreaker examples.

And if they win, get the winner to take a picture of them with your product in the way they described – giving you an enticing user-generated content.

This contest idea encourages the entrants to engage themselves with your product by coming up with interesting ways to use it! Furthermore, it’ll influence entrants into actually thinking what they would do with the product in their hands, which can make them feel more likely to make a purchase even if they don’t win. Additionally, it’ll boost social recommendations for your product.

Contest Idea #2: Come up with a name for your new product

For this type of contest, your audience can have some fun thinking of something creative when coming up with a name for your product. You’re also giving your consumers a chance to call the shots by making a decision that influences your product!

This will reflect well on your company as it shows your willingness to consider your consumers’ ideas.

With this, you can develop a more in-depth insight as to what your audience think of your product based on the name you choose. It’s also a great way to generate excitement about your new product. In addition, be sure to include substantial information on the product specification so the audience can have a better understanding before naming it.

Contest Idea #3: Caption this to win [product]

Memes are everywhere, and it’s also an effective way to engage fans. Post an image of something funny, outrageous or relatable before asking the audience to come up with a caption to go with it.

You can also leverage on memes for your product by taking a photo of your product in a way that’ll make people laugh. It could feature an animal using it, a current meme where you can insert your product in or anything else that’s lightly humorous – people will appreciate that your brand is keeping up with the times and have relevant memes that they can share in their feed.

Contest Idea #4: Share your story with us

If you’re looking to delve deeper beyond the surface by learning a bit more about your audience, you can encourage them to share their story with you. This gives you the chance to learn more about the people who love your product, on top of giving you insights that you may have missed on how to meet their needs better.

Moreover, getting them to post a comment of their story on your post encourages lengthier comments, thus boosting the engagement of your post.


Hosting a giveaway on Facebook is an excellent way to raise brand awareness. It’s also a simple way to increase your following and generate leads without having to pay for ads. While your audience can stand a chance to win a prize, you can also get to know your current audience better.

So, if you want to run a contest, what better way than to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency? Because, once the giveaway is over, it doesn’t mean your work is done! You’ll still need to be consistent in publishing new content to engage and interact with them. And your preferred agency can assist in managing your feed and posts while you focus on other aspects of your business that require most of your attention.

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