2 of Roy’s targeted keywords is now found on page 1 of Google search results

Updated on: 22 January 2016
Roy SEO testimonial
Photo of Roy taking testimonial

Roy’s website was stuck at page 5/6 of Google search. After attending our SEO training and applied what was taught in class, 2 of his keywords is now found on page 1 of Google SEO search results.

Let’s take a look at his testimonial:

“I came for Alan’s class in December. I learn and applied all the strategies. My website was at page 5 or 6 on my search keywords and now I’m at page 1 for 2 of my search keywords. His strategy works obviously and I am happy about it.”
– Roy, business owner

Let’s recap Roy 1st testimonial after attending our course.

“I just set up my own website and I’m here to learn about SEO and how to rank it properly. I came for Alan’s course and I find it very interesting. You’ll definitely get to learn a lot, and Alan is very good.”
– Roy 1st testimonial after our 2 days SEO course.

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